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About Us And Mission Statement: Firing Squad

Welcome to Firing Squad, the ultimate destination for casino enthusiasts. We are a dedicated team of experts with a singular goal: to provide you with the most accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information about online casinos. Our passion for gaming, combined with our commitment to responsible gambling, drives us to deliver the best content that helps players make informed decisions.

Our Mission

At Firing Squad, our mission is to guide hardcore players in having fun safely. We believe in informing rather than promoting. Our primary objective isn’t to encourage gambling but to equip our visitors with the best possible information. This ethos is reflected in every piece of content we produce, every review we write, and every recommendation we make.

What Sets Us Apart?

Integrity and TrustVerify online casino registrations, test game activations, analyze support services and payment processing.
IndependenceDon’t sell ratings. Reviews are based on meticulous research and expertise.
Experience and KnowledgeDiscuss various gaming aspects. Offer free expertise on crucial topics for players.
Protection from AddictionPrioritize responsible gaming. Provide resources for players seeking protection from potential addictions.
Free AccessContent is free for all. Receive commissions from some featured casinos without influencing content.
Legislation and ComplianceUpdate on global gambling legislation. Ensure every recommended casino holds a valid license. Blacklist non-compliant casinos.
Responsible GamingUnderstand potential gambling risks. Provide resources for those needing assistance.
Fair Gambling AdvocacyChampion fair gambling practices. Actively intervene when players are mistreated.
Continuous ImprovementAlways evolve. Enhance content, expand databases, and innovate to bring more value to users.

  1. Integrity and Trust: We verify the registration of online casinos, test game activations, and analyze support services and payment processing. Our independent analysis is bolstered by user reviews, surveys, and votes, ensuring a holistic view of the online gaming landscape.
  2. Independence: We don’t sell ratings. Our reviews are the result of meticulous research and the expertise of our review panel. We maintain our independence to ensure that our recommendations are always in the best interest of our visitors.
  3. Experience and Knowledge: Our team comprises seasoned professionals who discuss various aspects of the gaming world, from platforms and software providers to payment processes. We also offer free expertise on topics crucial for players, such as return-to-player coefficient ratios and non-gambling game codes.
  4. Protection from Addiction: We prioritize responsible gaming. Our content includes verified information on gambling addiction, and we always provide resources for players seeking protection from potential addictions.
  5. Free Access: Our content is free for all. While we receive commissions from some featured casinos, this never influences our content. We invest extensively in producing top-notch guides, news, tools, and exclusive games for our visitors.
  6. Legislation and Compliance: Our dedicated news team keeps you updated on global gambling legislation. We ensure that every casino we recommend holds a valid license, and we blacklist those that don’t meet our stringent standards.
  7. Responsible Gaming: We understand the potential risks of gambling and provide resources for those who might need assistance. If you ever feel overwhelmed by your gambling habits, we urge you to seek help through the organizations we recommend.
  8. Fair Gambling Advocacy: Beyond providing information, we champion fair gambling practices. We actively intervene when we see players being mistreated and encourage other platforms to adhere to our fair gambling guidelines.
  9. Continuous Improvement: At Firing Squad, we are always evolving. We constantly enhance our content, expand our databases, and innovate to bring more value to our users.

Why Choose Firing Squad?

Extensive Casino DatabaseAccess to the most comprehensive list of online casinos.
Unbiased ReviewsComprehensive reviews that prioritize the player’s interests.
Best Bonus DatabaseExclusive access to the best bonuses available in the online casino world.
Top-tier Educational ContentLearn from the best with our high-quality educational resources on online gambling.

  • The most extensive casino database.
  • Comprehensive and unbiased reviews.
  • The best bonus database.
  • Top-tier educational content.

With Firing Squad, you’re not just accessing a website; you’re joining a community that prioritizes safety, knowledge, and fun in the world of online casinos. Welcome aboard!


We verify the registration of online casinos and analyze if there is an established support service and payment processing. We also test the activation of games inside gaming platforms to detect possible scams or misleading advertisements. User reviews, surveys, and user votes integrate with our independent analysis and field testing as users to identify key information and provide an encompassing analysis of online gaming platforms and online betting and casino organizations.

We do not sell ratings:

We firmly uphold the belief that for us to truly assist everyone who visits our site in selecting the premier online casino that suits their needs, our reviews must maintain their independence.

This is why our judgments are not swayed by anything beyond the astute discernment, profound knowledge, and unparalleled analytical capabilities of our expert casino review panel.


From our writers and reviewers to discuss gaming platforms, software providers, payment processors, and withdrawal times.


Updated expertise and advice. We provide free expertise and analysis about topics that will help players to perform better decisions, such as analysis of the return-to-player coefficient ratios, and codes for non-gambling games.

Protection From Addiction: We have verified gambling addiction content and we always provide links that encourage players to obtain protection from addictions.

Our Content Is Free

When it comes to selecting the online casino that is most suitable for them, we think that all players must have exposure to guidance that is both trustworthy and expert-level. For this reason, our visitors will never be required to pay in order for using Firing Squad.

Our ability to provide our services without charging a charge is made possible by the fact that some of the casinos that we feature pay us a commission whenever their customers come to them through our website.

This enables us to engage top experts in the field who are always contributing to our collection of over three hundred casino evaluations and provides support for the massive infrastructure that is necessary for our website. In addition, each month we invest hundreds of hours into bringing you the most comprehensive guides, news pieces, tools, and exclusive games possible.

Casinos have no say in the creation of our material, and our suggestions are unbiased and based on research, all to ensure that you get the most out of your time spent gambling. Notwithstanding the fact that a fee was paid to us by any of the casinos included on our website, each one was subjected to a comprehensive evaluation in accordance with our tough methodology.

When it comes to quality, we are completely rigid, even going so far as to compile a blacklist of online casinos that do not meet our requirements and do not serve the best interests of their customer base.

Gambling Legislation

The laws governing gambling are evolving all the time on a global scale, and our devoted Newscast is here to keep you up to date on all the most recent developments. You can play with complete peace of mind knowing that every online casino we offer to you, no matter where in the globe it is located, has a valid license from a recognized government agency. In order to protect you, if we discover that any casinos have violated any compliance rules, we will add those casinos to our blacklist of websites that you should steer clear of.

Responsible Gaming

More than two billion individuals throughout the globe participate in gambling activities, with the vast majority of us seeing it as nothing more than a source of amusement. On the other hand, gambling may become more than just an innocuous kind of entertainment for some individuals and instead lead to serious issues, which may be an indication of an addiction to gambling.

Do you have more money riding on this than you can manage to lose? Are you trying to get back your economic loss? Are you feeling stressed and anxious as a result of your gambling? The organizations that are mentioned below may provide assistance and guidance for you. You may also learn more about this topic by visiting our section dedicated to Responsible Gambling.

Fair Gambling Guidelines

Simply creating a just and secure environment on Firing Squad does not fulfil our mission statement. This is why we are proactively encouraging other companies and websites to abide by our fair gambling guidelines.

Whenever we witness players being ill-treated or taken advantage of by unscrupulous casinos, we proactively intervene and apply pressure on those casinos to improve their practices.

We Strive To Be The Best

we never stop improving our content and processes, broadening our databases, working on innovative projects, and coming up with new ways to better protect players and bring more value to them.

This has led to Firing squad becoming the one of the world’s leading authority on online casinos, to which players turn when looking for information or assistance.

  • The best casino database.
  • The most comprehensive reviews
  • The best bonus database
  • One of the best educational contents

Contact Us And Address

We would love to hear your feedback about Firing Squad. If you have any suggestions for improvements, corrections, or any other comments, you are welcome to get in touch. For general inquiries, you can email, post, phone, or use our contact form. For specific inquiries, see our Contact page.

  • info@firingsquad.com We are available for your questions or any kind of feedback at info@firingsquad.com.
  • Firing Squad. If you see a missing link or you have a technical comment about the website, also please contact us too.
  • Address 5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 221 (75254) Dallas TX – t 888-0303-456 and Taunusstraße 33-35, Burö 476. Frankfurt am Main.
  • Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter are available. Contact us there too!

Meet Our Team

The team governs itself independently, free from any internal or external influence and adhering to strict journalistic integrity.

John Bond: Poker player and experienced gambler. In our e-sports segment, he writes about how to layer a gaming rig architecture to improve your results. He is a Microgaming fan, but we hit him with a stick frequently, so his articles are not biased.


Author And Fact Check

Written by author J. Bond and fact checked by Martin Pino and J. Esposito to ensure that the data retrieved is objectively correct

Information You Can Trust.

Know That You Are In Safe Hands.

Every Casino And Sportsbook We Recommend Has Been Verified By Reputable Sources Such As eCOGRA, GLI, and Malta Gaming Authority.

Disclaimer: Play Responsibly And In Moderation

Please check your local laws before gambling online.

We feature links to third-party websites as a means to provide our users with the industry’s most trusted and reputable source for legal operator reviews and odds.

This is an SSL-certified website. The law prohibits underage gambling. Gambling can lead to several issues, such as addiction, debt, and social isolation. If you experience problems controlling your own gaming habits, please call 1-800-522-4700 for assistance. WARNING: FiringSquad.com cannot be held liable in the event of litigation, loss, or damage relating to an external website. FiringSquad.com encourages its readers to practice responsible gaming. There is always a risk involved when playing for money online. We are not able to guarantee the accuracy of services from third-party companies, even if they are publishing or published on this website. You are responsible for reading all the terms, conditions, and privacy policies on third-party sites on which you choose to visit and play. Bet with your head, not over it. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-gambler. FiringSquad.com and all content herein are intended for audiences that are not underage. There is no way to increase your odds of winning, and no content on this website suggests otherwise. FiringSquad.com publishes news, information, and reviews about legal online gambling for entertainment purposes only and accepts no liability for gambling choices and bets that you make. You may see paid advertisements for companies that offer online gambling – casino, sports betting, lottery, and more on this site.

Firing Squad is a comparison website for gambling operators and their network of online casinos. While most people regard real money games as a hobby, some may develop an addiction. If you or a close one suffer from gambling problems, please contact GamCare at 0808 8020 133 for free, confidential advice.

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