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Every player receives the assistance and support they need to maintain control of their gambling habits via this gambling addiction page of our website. In this section, you will discover information about the health and financial repercussions that are involved with gambling, as well as connections and services for problem gamblers from across the world. In order for you to live a life that is both healthy and pleasant, it is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve your online safety and awareness.

Millions of individuals all around the globe take part in gambling activities for fun. Bets are seldom anything more than a pleasant pastime for the vast majority of people who partake in this activity. On the other hand, some individuals may discover that they are unable to exercise self-control over their gambling addictions. When gaming goes beyond being a harmless kind of entertainment and starts to create significant difficulties in an individual’s life, that person may be displaying indications of having a gambling addiction.

Addiction to gambling is seen as a disorder that affects one’s mental health. It is comparable to other forms of addiction, such as an addiction to a pharmacological substance, as well as other forms of disordered impulse control (such as pyromania or kleptomania).

In each of these situations, the individual struggling with addiction is unable to change their behavior, despite the fact that they are aware that it is causing them or the people they care about harm. It is essential to keep in mind that not all people who are addicted to gambling will have the same symptoms or the same degree of severity in their condition. The following are many examples of the most frequent kinds of gambling addiction:

A compulsive need to gamble is when a person’s drive to gamble gets out of control and they can’t stop themselves from doing it.

A compulsive gambler will keep gambling no matter how much money they gain or lose, regardless of the results of their actions.

They will also hunt for chances to place bets and wagers, despite the fact that they are well aware that they cannot afford to lose the money they stake. Pathological gambling is another name for this condition.

Binge Gambling: When an individual displays the signs and symptoms of compulsive gambling, but only at certain times or throughout specific time periods.

A person who engages in compulsive gambling may give the impression that they have their issue under control the most of the time.

It’s possible that someone might spend weeks or even months without showing any symptoms of having a gambling addiction.

When people begin betting, even if it’s just sometimes, their obsessive gambling tendencies will become obvious.
Problem gambling occurs when an individual is not addicted to the point that they feel compelled to gamble, but their gambling behaviors are not completely under their control.

A person who has a gambling issue will engage in some kind of gambling activity that interferes with their regular life. For example, problem gamblers could find themselves chasing losses or lying to loved ones about their betting habits.

They eventually come to the conclusion that they are unable to stop themselves from gambling an increasing number of times.

What are the Telltale Signs of an Addiction to Gambling in Adults?

The American Psychiatric Association’s most recent diagnostic criteria (2018) for compulsive gambling disorder require that a person has shown at least four of the following symptoms during the preceding twelve months in order to be considered a candidate for the disease. If these symptoms are the outcome of a different mental health disorder, then the diagnosis of this disease is not appropriate.

  • In order to obtain the appropriate level of excitement, one needs to gamble with an increasing quantity of money.
  • Experiencing restlessness or irritability when making efforts to reduce or eliminate gambling
  • Having tried on several occasions without success to limit, eliminate, or give up gambling
  • Having frequent thoughts of gambling (such as reliving past gambling experiences, planning the next gambling venture, thinking of ways to get money to gamble)
  • People often gamble when they are experiencing negative emotions, such as when they are unhappy, guilty, nervous, or powerless.
  • The practice of returning to a gambling establishment after incurring financial losses with the intention of winning them back is known as “chasing your losses.”
  • Lying in order to cover up gambling activities or the financial losses or other problems generated by gambling
  • putting at risk or losing an important relationship, employment, or educational or professional opportunity due to gambling
  • Putting one’s financial woes, which were brought on by gambling, in the hands of other people.

Gambling Addiction Help Worldwide

Argentina – Juego Responsable – 0800-333-0333, WhatsApp 011-1524416058

België – VAD – 02 423 03 33

Brasil – Jogadores Anônimos – (11) 3229-1023

Canada – ProblemGambling – 1-866-531-2600

Chile – Psicólogos Ludopatía Chile – 9 222 3860

Deutschland – Spielen mit Verantwortung: Glücksspielsucht – 0800-1 37 27 00

España – FEJAR – 900 200 225

France – IFAC – + 33 (0)2 40 84 76 20

Italia – TVNGA – 800 55 88 22

Nederland – AGOG – 0900-2177721 (€ 0.10 per minute)

Norge – Hjelpelinjen – 800 800 40

Österreich – Spielsuchthilfe – (1) 544 13 57

Portugal – Jogo Responsável – 213 950 911 (SICAD – Serviço de Intervenção nos Comportamentos Aditivos e nas Dependências)

Schweiz – Sucht Schweiz – 021 321 29 11

Sverige – Stödlinjen – 020-819 100 (09:00 to 21:00)

United Kingdom: ( – GamCare is an industry-funded charity that offers non-judgmental counseling and guidance for those with gambling problems in the United Kingdom. GamCare also operates a helpline in the UK on 0808 8020 133.

United States: ( – The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) advocates for problem gamblers and their families. It is completely independent of the gambling industry. Their website contains extensive information on problem gambling, treatment information, and counselors throughout the United States who are trained to deal with compulsive gambling problems.

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